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About Us

My AKC Anatolian Shepherd Jessica

As hard as it was to resist, I was able to let Jessica spend 99% of the time with the goat herd as a puppy. My goal was to have a dog that bonded with their herd in order to protect them, as well as that loved and respected me so that I could catch  , feed , and give vaccinations etc. I had heard lots of opinions on how to raise Livestock guardian dogs so they would stay with their herd and not want people. I consider myself with the best of both worlds.
Update: At 2 years old, Jessica is such a good girl- she stays in the goat pen all night with about 30 newborn babies and their moms. She is trustworthy, loves the babies, and is a GREAT guard!! I am so proud of her!




Jesse loves 'her' babies!

Jesse loves 'her' babies!


As tiny as this newborn baby is, Jessica is 100% trustworthy and protective!

As tiny as this newborn baby is, Jessica is 100% trustworthy and protective!


7 weeks old  'guarding '

7 weeks old 'guarding '





Dreamer's Farm

Mary Roelofsz
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


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